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Does My Roof Have Storm Damage?

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night to thunder and lightning?

We've all done it! You hear the boom and crack of a storm, roll over and go back to sleep. By the morning most of us are too busy to even consider what that storm might have been like or what damage it might have caused to our home.

Without running up on your roof after every storm, you'll never really know what kind of impact the weather has had on your home.

Just last year, a major hail storm rolled through Missouri and pounded homes with .5" size hail. But because the storm hit during the night most homeowners had no idea how bad their home was hit. The truth comes much later when you start having leaks within your home.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies only provide a small window to submit a claim for a hail storm.

If you had slept through that storm and your roof leaked months later, you would have been denied an insurance claim - forcing you to pay out of pocket for roof repairs or even a whole new roof!

Usually the best way to avoid this is to call up your local roofing company and have them run out after every storm to inspect your roof. While this is quite effective in determining if you have any storm damage to your home, it requires a lot of time and planning.

Until now...

Storm Restorations of America has partnered with the National Weather Service and NOAA, to provide a instant solution to the question of whether you home has been struck by severe weather! is a free to use website that provides an instant weather report on your home dating back several year. You'll be able to see when and what severe weather has hit your home.

Simply visit and enter you home address - BOOM instant free home storm weather history report at your fingertips!

Don't let storm damage happen to your biggest investment and fail to qualify for an insurance claim. Get a free report today and gain valuable knowledge that could very well protect your home and wallet from severe weather.


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