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Can You Finance A Roof?

We get asked this question everyday. The cost of a roof can be a burden to a homeowner. So can you finance the purchase of a roof?

Roof Financing Options

The answer is yes! Here at Storm Restorations of America, we proud ourselves on the ability to assist homeowners in finding the right payment options for your new roof. We've partnered with some of the best financial institutions in the country to bring you the best rates and options.

There Are Two Great Ways to Secure Financing For Your Roof

Finance Through Your Roofer

Most reputable roofing companies will have options for financing from companies that they have partnered up with to offer to homeowners.

Usually these finance companies have built in programs specifically for roof replacement jobs and can easily move you through the application process without much of an issue.

Most applications can be completed via online without much, if any, paperwork. The process is streamlined for the homeowner so that you can get your financing and your roof replaced ASAP.

Secure The Loan Yourself

You always have the option of doing the legwork yourself. Usually through a Home Improvement Loan or a Home Equity Loan.

While these options might yield a better rate, there is significantly more paperwork and time spent going through these options. Also you have to be able to qualify for such loans (plenty of equity in your home, good standing with your mortgage company).

Saving Money For A Roof

So What's The Best Financing Option For You?

Obviously cash is the easiest option but that isn't always possible.

The best thing to do is consult with your roofing contractor to decide the costs associated with your home and what financing options they offer.

From there you can always start digging into what your bank might offer. They might be able to offer you one of the options we spoke of before.

Storm Restorations of America would love the opportunity to help find your financing solution. Roofing finance doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. We are experts at roof finance options and can help you find options for your specific need. Call Us Today.


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